California Latino Caucus Endorses Darcie Green


SACRAMENTO – The California Latino Legislative Caucus announced its 10th endorsement for the 2016 election cycle, backing candidate Darcie Green (AD 27, San Jose) for Assembly. With the endorsement of Green, the Latino Caucus has endorsed eight Latina candidates out of the ten it is supporting for the 2016 election.

“We are pleased to stand with Darcie Green,” said Latino Caucus Chairman Assemblyman Luis Alejo. “She has been a passionate advocate for women, youth and working families for more than 15 years. Her commitment to fighting for equality in education, health and income will make her an outstanding Assemblymember.”

Alejo added, “A Government should reflect the people its serves, and despite encompassing more than 50 percent of the population, we still have a long ways to go with respect to female representation in the Legislature. That is why we are proud to lead the way in endorsing women candidates.”

Currently, about a quarter of elected members of the Legislature are female. The Latino Caucus has been swift in its candidate recruitment in efforts to provide long-term support for the next major elections. As the new term limits create a stable legislative membership and in a time where the Latino population continues to grow, there is a greater sense of responsibility to elect individuals that truly represent California’s growing population, including Latinos and Women.

Assembly 2016 Endorsements To Date

Virginia Madueno (AD 12, Riverbank)
Darcie Green (AD 27, San Jose)
Karina Cervantez Alejo (AD 30, Watsonville)
Joaquin Arambula (AD 31, Fresno)
Monique Limón (AD 37, Santa Barbara)
Abigail Medina (AD 40, San Bernardino)
Blanca Rubio (AD 48, Baldwin Park)
Sabrina Perez Cervantes (AD 60, Riverside)
Sharon Quirk-Silva (AD 65, Fullerton)
Todd Gloria (AD 78, San Diego)