California Latino Caucus Endorses Candidates from Across the State for Assembly in 2016


SACRAMENTO – The California Latino Legislative Caucus announced that its members have endorsed Virginia Madueno, Joaquin Arambula, Abigail Medina, Blanca Rubio, Sabrina Perez Cervantes, and Todd Gloria in their respective candidacies for Assembly in the 2016 election.

“The California Latino Caucus Leadership PAC was created to invest in the Latino community by building a network that identifies and uplifts the next generation of Latino leaders” said Caucus Chairman Assemblyman Luis Alejo. “After conducting research on the candidates, we were eager to get behind this list of viable candidates who would represent the districts as outstanding public servants.”

The Latino Caucus endorsed the following Assembly candidates for the 2016 election:

Virginia Madueno (AD 12, Riverbank)
Joaquin Arambula (AD 31, Fresno)
Abigail Medina (AD 40, San Bernardino)
Blanca Rubio (AD 48, Baldwin Park)
Sabrina Perez Cervantes (AD 60, Riverside)
Todd Gloria (AD 78, San Diego)

These endorsements follow the Latino Caucus’ April endorsements of:

Karina Cervantez Alejo (AD 30, Watsonville)
Monique Limón (AD 37, Santa Barbara)
Sharon Quirk-Silva (AD 65, Fullerton)

“The Caucus is proud to support these talented candidates,” said Vice-Chair Senator Ben Hueso. “We stand with these strong Latino candidates and offer the Caucus’ guidance and resources as they create winning campaigns.”