California Latino Caucus Statement on Donald Trump as Presumptive GOP Presidential Nominee


SACRAMENTO Today, the California Latino Legislative Caucus issued the following on behalf of the Caucus regarding Donald Trump becoming the de facto presumptive Republican Party Nominee for President of the United States:

“Throughout its 43-year history, the members of the California Latino Legislative Caucus have fought to break down the barriers that divide us in order to ensure that we all, together, get an opportunity to achieve our dreams as Americans,” said Assemblymember Luis A. Alejo (DSalinas), Chair of the Latino Caucus. “California’s Latino community is looking for the same thing as everyone else: better jobs, better education, and an opportunity to fulfill their potential.”

“Unfortunately, Donald J. Trump’s ascension to becoming the de facto Presidential nominee for the Republican Party – even after his incendiary and offensive remarks about Mexican immigrants, women, disabled people, veterans, communities of color, Muslims and many other groups – gives us great cause for concern about the direction of where we are going as Americans,” Alejo added. “Will we be a country defined by hateful and condescending attitudes towards anyone who is different or can we prove that we are better than this and have mutual concerns about how we move forward together?”

“As we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, it is important to remember that America deserves candidates who have a better understanding of the cultures they wish to represent if they are going to lead this multicultural nation into the future. We cannot have a country with a leader who routinely degrades, humiliates and scapegoats people, sowing discord to reap cheap political rewards,” Alejo continued.

“The California Latino Legislative Caucus hopes that we as a nation will reject this brand of politics,” Alejo concluded. “We cannot sit idly by when individuals such as Mr. Trump and some of his supporters are clearly on the wrong side of history. Let’s unite and prove that we will not let a demagogue like Donald Trump define our country. One of our Caucus members, Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez recently wrote, ‘This election just became a battle about who we are as Americans. I’m confident we won’t let our community, state or nation be defined by hate. #SiempreAmerica #NuncaTrump.’ We could not agree more.”