California Latino Caucus Statement on Racist Ads Against Caucus-Endorsed Candidate Abigail Medina


SACRAMENTO Today, the California Latino Caucus Leadership PAC issued the following statement on behalf of the Caucus regarding the hit pieces against Abigail:

“The Latino Caucus condemns the racist ads used to target Assembly candidate Abigail Medina,” Latino Caucus Chairman Assemblymember Luis Alejo (D-Salinas) said.  “Dora the Explorer, an educational children’s cartoon that represents the best of what the Latino culture has to offer, has been used to denigrate and reduce our endorsed candidate into a caricature,” referring to misleading social media ads that were posted by backers of her opponent. 

“There are few very positive programs depicting Latino culture in the mainstream media, which is why we find this strategy deeply troubling amidst an already divisive political climate,” Alejo added. “This is clear a trickle-down effect of the party of Trump. In a progressive state wherein both houses of the legislature are led by Latinos, its appalling that Marc Steinorth's dark-money corporate sponsors would still stoop so low as to make a caricature of a bright and successful Latina.”

“Not only are the Steinorth camp's acts misleading, they are highly offensive and will do nothing to gain him traction within the Latino community,” Alejo added. 

“San Bernardino needs a representative with a better appreciation for the people they wish to represent if they are going to lead an evolving district forward,” Alejo continued. “A desperate campaign wishing to hold the Republican seat, they have resorted to appropriating and degrading the Latino culture to perpetuate lies – this is both dangerous and damages the wellbeing of those the racism targets. The California Latino Legislative Caucus categorically rejects this kind of politics and we are fired up as ever to win this seat for Latinos and let dark money Republicans know we are greater than the characters they attempt to reduce us to.”