The California Latino Caucus Endorses Cecilia Aguiar-Curry for California Assembly 2016


SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, the California Latino Legislative Caucus announced its endorsement of Cecilia Aguiar-Curry for California Assembly District 4 in the 2016 election.

Chairman Luis Alejo stated, “There is no question that a strong Latina candidate will benefit California’s legislature, a state government which is in need of more diverse representation. Not only does Cecilia have outstanding qualifications and achievements, the excitement of a Latina candidate will likely translate into higher voter turnout, especially among Latinos. The Latino Caucus is proud to endorse Cecilia and looks forward to watching the race.”

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry is the only female and minority running for California Assembly District 4. She has held numerous elected and appointed positions and has served as mayor of Winters, CA since 2012. In addition Aguiar‐Curry has held and continues to hold positions with Sacramento Council of Government, the League of California Cities, SACOG Land Use, Natural Resources and Yolo County Housing Commission, Water Resources Agency of Yolo County, Commission of City of Winters Planning Commission, and Commissioner of LAFCO. Aguiar-Curry grew up in a household that encouraged hard work and service to the community. Her father was an agriculture teacher, while her mother worked with the Latino Community as an unofficial social worker. Cecilia’s diverse cultural and professional background are among the reasons the members of the California Latino Legislative Caucus have confidence that Aguiar‐Curry will be a successful and effective Assemblymember.

The California Latino Legislative Caucus has now endorsed eleven candidates for California State Assembly 2016, including nine Latinas:

Abigail Medina (AD 40, San Bernardino)
Blanca Rubio (AD 48, Baldwin Park)
Cecila Aguiar-Curry (AD 4, Winters)
Darcie Green (AD 27, San Jose)
Joaquin Arambula (AD 31, Fresno)
Karina Cervantez Alejo (AD 30, Watsonville)
Monique Limon (AD 37, Santa Barbara)
Sabrina Perez Cervantes (AD 60, Riverside)
Sharon Quirk-Silva (AD 65, Fullerton)
Todd Gloria (AD 78, San Diego)
Virginia Madueno (AD 12, Riverbank)