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For over 40 years, Latino Caucus members have worked tirelessly to promote bold policy initiatives, enhance the rights of California's growing Latino community, and empower a new generation of community leaders. This important work is bolstered by the support of the Latino Caucus Leadership PAC whose mission is to further the political and electoral interests of current and aspiring Latino Caucus members.

This website is designed to provide you with valuable information about current Caucus members, political activities and events they are planning and steps candidates can take to gain the endorsement of the Latino Caucus.

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Latino Caucus PAC in the News

SACRAMENTO Today, the California Latino Caucus Leadership PAC issued the following statement on behalf of the Caucus regarding the hit pieces against Abigail:

“The Latino Caucus condemns the racist ads used to target Assembly candidate Abigail Medina,” Latino Caucus Chairman Assemblymember Luis Alejo (D-Salinas) said.  “Dora the Explorer, an...

SACRAMENTO Today, the California Latino Legislative Caucus issued the following on behalf of the Caucus regarding Donald Trump becoming the de facto presumptive Republican Party Nominee for President of the United States:

“Throughout its 43-year history, the members of the California Latino Legislative Caucus have fought to break down the barriers that divide us in order to ensure that we all, together, get an opportunity to achieve our dreams as...

SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, the California Latino Legislative Caucus announced its endorsement of Cecilia Aguiar-Curry for California Assembly District 4 in the 2016 election.

Chairman Luis Alejo stated, “There is no question that a strong Latina candidate will benefit California’s legislature, a state government which is in need of more diverse representation. Not only does Cecilia have outstanding qualifications and achievements, the excitement of a Latina candidate...

SACRAMENTO – The California Latino Legislative Caucus announced its 10th endorsement for the 2016 election cycle, backing candidate Darcie Green (AD 27, San Jose) for Assembly. With the endorsement of Green, the Latino Caucus has endorsed eight Latina candidates out of the ten it is supporting for the 2016 election.

“We are pleased to stand with Darcie Green,” said Latino Caucus Chairman Assemblyman Luis Alejo. “She has been a passionate advocate for women, youth and...

SACRAMENTO – The California Latino Legislative Caucus announced that its members have endorsed Virginia Madueno, Joaquin Arambula, Abigail Medina, Blanca Rubio, Sabrina Perez Cervantes, and Todd Gloria in their respective candidacies for Assembly in the 2016 election.

“The California Latino Caucus Leadership PAC was created to invest in the Latino community by building a network that identifies and uplifts the next generation of Latino leaders” said Caucus Chairman Assemblyman Luis...